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Here we go again (In Chuck D’s voice)

Below is the Chorus from the 1992 song by Portrait – Here we go again. 

Here we go
Going through the same thing
(Here we go again)
Here we go
Don’t wanna play the same game
(No, not again, I don’t wanna go through it)

It has been brought to my attention that there are those that believe that re-forming of the Republick (as spelled in Johnson’s Dictionary of 1755), cannot be done at the county level.  Wrong!  It can actually be done at the smaller unit of the body politic, the townships. Click HERE to continue reading. 

Michigan Supreme Court ends home equity theft

JULY 17, 2020

Rafaeli, LLC v. Oakland County

Lansing, Michigan; July 17, 2020:  In a momentous victory for homeowners and their property rights, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled today that counties may not steal the savings that people stored away in their homes.  Click HERE to continue reading.

If You had a Tax Lien or Civil Judgment on Your Equifax Credit Report You Could Be Affected by a Class Action Settlement

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Detroit homeowners overtaxed $600 million!

Thousands of Detroit residents are still in debt after skewed property assessments. Check out this story on

Supreme Court Allows Flint Water Lawsuits To Move Forward, Officials Not ‘Immune’

The Supreme Court on Tuesday (1/21/20) cleared the way for water crisis victims to sue state and local government officials in Flint. Read about at Source.